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John M. Pattison


11701 E. 13 Mile Road, Warren, MI 48093
Inside North Pointe Cleaners

Is your computer making you crazy?

All you want to do is type a document, create a spreadsheet, or check your e-mail. Your computer, however, has other ideas. First the margin is wrong, the font is off and the spreadsheet won’t accept your input. Then the entire screen shifts, some other window opens, and the whole thing locks up! It’s enough to make you scream!

Perhaps your problems are more complex. You can’t log into your server, your printer and Internet are down, or your desktop looks strange and rebooting doesn’t help. These are all things you depend on to get your work done, and you can’t waste your time being a part-time computer technician!

Well, get ready to relax! Help is on the way from the professionals at Ikaboo Consulting. We can solve all of your hardware, software, network and e-mail problems.

It starts with a free consultation. We will get to know your equipment, your needs and your environment. We will fix what bugs you. And we will do it quickly at a price you can afford. We can provide new equipment or work with what you have. We can train you and your employees to effectively use better tools to get your work done quickly with less headaches.

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